Community News

February 23rd Community Updates

Recently Completed
– working, really nice wallet (except for the warning message at the bottom – need to fix)
– easy to access coin details for people to review
– a plan and initial connection with exchanges to let them know what is going on
– coingecko has been contacted with new information
– coinmarketcap has updated our information and followed sprtsjr on twitter
– all exchanges have been added to twitter
– facebook has been created and ready for updates
– reddit user created – pending 30 days of positive mojo on reddit we should be able to create a sublet
– twitter is in full effect
– block explorer has been contacted – I asked if there was a way we could pay monthly and have a donations address at the bottom.
(its .1 per year – this should be easy for the community to come together and handle)

Next steps….
– Ensure the block explorer is running
– initiate blogging / social campaigns
– Run a tipping campaign on Cryptopia to reintroduce Sprouts
– Collect a bounty for a developer to assist in upgrading core code and security on the wallet (annual cleanup)
– Submit a Poll to the community on wallet upgrade musts (narrow down based on amount collected)
– Create a nice little bounty and recruit a fellow developer to implement changes
– Once the wallet is upgraded (while the wallet is upgrading)
– create a market plan / budget – start collecting / recruiting new talents to assist with implementation

Interested in Supporting the Sprouts Community?

BTC  Donations :

All BTC Donations will be used to enhance the Sprouts network. A transparent open ledger will be maintained here for everyone within the community to see.


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